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Anti-Gun Groups Launch ‘Pro-Gun’ Groups to Siphon Off NRA Funding

A new ‘pro-gun organization’ has popped up just in time for the November elections, according to Ammoland, and aims to take some of the wind out of the NRA sails.

The group was created by the Giffords gun control group and is named Gun Owners for Safety.

Their explanation for the movement tells the story.

and according to The Hill, “It seeks to offer gun owners an alternative to the NRA, which remains stringently opposed to most anti-gun violence proposals.”


It has chapters that have suddenly appeared in swing states.

By no small coincidence, it already reportedly has chapters in key swing states, including Texas, Colorado and Minnesota, and claims to be building chapters in Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. They also “plan on building out chapters in Nevada, Vermont, Oregon, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.”

Their website says it unites gun owners for "common sense gun laws".
We can prevent gun violence while also supporting the Second Amendment. Gun Owners for Safety unites hunters, sport shooters, and collectors who want commonsense gun laws.
...and then there's this, also on their website.
For too long, gun laws in our country have made it too easy to get a gun without a rigorous background check.
There's really nothing about this group that seems to represents gun owners, other than the name.
It looks more like their aim is to take funding away from the NRA and direct it toward gun control legislation.
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7 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Groups Launch ‘Pro-Gun’ Groups to Siphon Off NRA Funding”

  1. Village idiots at best. The rules are rigorous and if they paid any attention they’d find it isn’t NRA members shooting the country up nor even conservatives who aren’t members. It’s trash from the left and with mostly illegal weapons not bought through the system.

  2. Yet another example of the gun control forces using deception, distortion and dishonesty to advance their agenda. Truth and facts do not support their goals so they they lie and deceive.

  3. If the GUN CONTROL groups have got to rely on DECEIT and LIES, then we know where they are coming from . . . right out of the COMMUNIST PLAYBOOK of MARXISM, which doesn’t WORK. This activity is not meant to help the masses – it’s ONLY meant to ENSLAVE them. ONE Wary Patriot sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. Whenever the phrase ” common sense gunlaws ” is used, I know it’s a person or group against or for limiting the 2nd ammendment

  5. The antis never define what they consider “common sense gun laws.”

    As It see it, THEIR definition is “NO ONE should own a gun.”

    Our current Congresswoman, Lauren Underwood (D, IL) held what was labeled a “gun safety forum” last fall, which I attended.

    I asked for her definition of an “assault weapon,” and all i got from her was a blank stare.

  6. Gun control means getting your feet properly placed, getting a firm and consistent grip on your firearm, take a deep breath and let a little of it out, place your finger on the trigger, and gently pull straight back.

    It does not mean sending the gestapo out to kick in your door, and steal your firearms and ammunition.

    The Second Amendment makes all others possible. We must defend it with our lives if necessary.

  7. This group relies on the gun owner who believes in their common sense gun control and can bend and give them an inch. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. Only weak minded and uninformed gun owners will go this route. If you know someone like this, grab them andveducatevthem about their second amendment rights.