Are You Ready for Another Food, Supply Shortage?

I’m not predicting one but it’s not out of the cards to say that we could see another round of supply shortages.

With the election right around the corner and talks of a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, we could see some places enter another lockdown period. It likely depends on who wins in November but without being political there is enough reason to at least be prepared.

Back in March and April, we saw panicked shoppers flood local supermarkets, Target stores, and other home goods stores. In short order, non-perishable goods became hard to find.

It's almost November now and we are 7 days away from the election. That means winter weather is here or at least coming. With that usually comes flu season. Even if flu season starts off heavily, I'll be surprised if we don't see some areas enter a new lockdown period.

That may be all it takes.

People have already witnessed, just a handful of months ago, the massive shortages of toilet paper, soaps, and certain foods. It may only take a hint of a new lockdown to get shoppers to start panic-buying again.

It's better to be ready than to be caught empty handed.

If businesses are required to shut down and/or riots break out again, you could see trucked in goods on back order and shortages at your local store.

I'm not saying you should panic but why not be prepared and pick up a few extra goods now?

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