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Philly Police Shooting Spawns Violent Riots, 30 Police Injured, 90+ Arrested

27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr., a black man in Philadelphia, was shot and killed by police after he chased them with a knife.

The shooting was captured on cell phone video by a witness and showed how the incident progressed.

91 people were arrested and 30 police officers were injured, including one officer who was “intentionally” run over by a pickup truck.

Hundreds of people took to the streets claiming this was simply another example of police shooting a black man.


However, the video shows that the shooting looks to be justified as Wallace repeatedly ignored officers' instructions to drop the knife and kept chasing them around even as they backed away.

From Fox News:

Of the 91 people arrested, 11 were charged with assaulting police, 76 were charged with commercial burglary and three were charged with failure to disperse, she said.  There are also "several" ongoing investigations.

The 'protesters' were throwing objects, including bricks, at the officers according to some witnesses. They also lit one PPD vehicle on fire while damaging 8.

Apparently, some feel the shooting was an example of racism instead of self-defense.

Samantha Melamed, a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, posted an image of a man holding a toddler while facing a police officer. She tweeted that the man told his 3-year-old son, “This is what racism looks like. Take a look.”

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8 thoughts on “Philly Police Shooting Spawns Violent Riots, 30 Police Injured, 90+ Arrested”

  1. Just another reason to RIOT AND LOOT Stores and Burn Buildings. Hell they enjoy doing this shit. They love to not have to work for what they STEAL AND LOOT from stores. Throw all their asses in PRISON.
    I suppose this will be called another PEACEFUL PROTEST BY MSM.

  2. There will be irrational public pushback by the public in Philadelphia by the majority to defund and abolish the police. From there Mayor Kenny would then deputize Black Lives Matter vigilantes to rule the streets and keep order. This means small downtown businesses will be controlled and raided by these mobs to comply with their demands or be vandalized. Even neighborhoods that are not integrated the way Black Lives Matter patrols will come in to displace those residents. There will be a mass exodus from Metro Philadelphia with a huge rise in poverty, unemployment and crime with mass murders. This city is on the way to become a mass ruin like Chicago, Baltimore, Seattle and Portland IF this policy of condemning ALL local police as racist criminals is implemented.

  3. The naacp, and other such organizations, should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. For far too long they have espoused a false narrative that has ruined the lives of many, many Black citizens. They have falsely claimed, many, many times that Blacks do not have the opportunity to succeed, although many thousands have, because of white racism. So why try, they will fail.
    Additionally, they tell Blacks that the cops are out to get them, the cops are their enemy. There is no factual data to support either false claim, just the opposite.
    So far too many Blacks, for far too long, have bought into the lies. Many Blacks have been killed by the police. Most of those deaths could have been prevented had the Black victims simply co-operated with the cops instead of violently resisting. But they are told not to.
    I am not a cop, never have been. However, if a Black or White man, or any man of any descendancy, approaches me with a knife, a bat, or any other potentially lethal weapon, in a threatening way, I will shoot him. It is called self defense. We all have the right of self defense, including the cops.

  4. Want to guess which political party runs Philly? Of all those arrested, I wonder how many will be turned loose, about 99%? If the law is not enforced, this crap will continue on and on. ALL rioters should be rounded up and prosecuted and put in prison. Looters should be shot when they are in the act of looting. That is harsh, but these spineless so called leaders have caused all this crap to happen, and they should be held accountable for all the looting and rioting as well.

  5. These people don’t need a reason to riot. If a protest starts because of a shooting it is only a reason to get a new TV or what ever you can carry off. Its mana from heaven and law enforcement can’t do any thing about it!!!

  6. I was a dedicated police 👮‍♀️ for the VAPD and in 17 years. I pulled my weapon once to search a warehouse that was broken into. We talked some patients down others we went hands on physically. We never had a patient pull a knife or gun. Now days officers go through more training that makes them try harder to deescalate the situations. I watched the video do you really think that man with a butcher knife would have not killed those officers. They backed away gave him every chance to comply. I am sorry he died but he chose it