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You’re on Your Own – Philly Police Ordered Not to Arrest Looters

The Mayor of Philadelphia set a curfew on Wednesday night and guess what?

The rioters didn’t obey the curfew. Who’d have thunk it?

It’s no surprise that murderers aren’t typically concerned with whether or not they’re carrying a weapon, legally. Bank robbers aren’t concerned with speeding in the getaway car.

But criminals don’t obey laws. What does deter some criminals is the consequences for breaking the law.

But what if the criminals were told there would be no consequences?

It sounds like that's exactly what happened in Philly.

It's no wonder these riots have lasted as long as they have. The rioters know there won't be consequences.

Heck, you can get yourself a free washer and dryer as seen on some of the videos.

We've seen this in Portland, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and other (mainly Democrat-run) cities around the country.

Police ordered to stand down while people's businesses, homes, and lives are being destroyed.

Now imagine this happening in your city without a Second Amendment. If Harris and Biden get their way, that could very well be the future.


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17 thoughts on “You’re on Your Own – Philly Police Ordered Not to Arrest Looters”

  1. We moved from Philadelphia area 8 years ago. When the Muslims and other rag heads started
    moving in. It is a shame the black people get blamed
    for this shit. It is setup by socialist and the dumb niggers Not Your average working Black people who are doing the looting. As for the mayor nothing but a low life piece of shit.

  2. They can and must stop those breaking the law. America is facing a problem if not solved today will lead to civil unrest not seen since the Civil War. Ask yourself why, it’s all because the Democrats are sore losers. The Democrats have tried every dirty trick imaginable to unseat the President, but to no avail. Faced with the thoughts of President Trump being re-elected they resort to violence. What you see happening has nothing to do with the young black man killed by the Police and all to do with creating the most civil unrest they can. This is only the tip of what to expect when President Trump is re-elected.
    The Democrats must be held accountable, replace Democrats in the House and Senate with conservative legislators committed to building a stronger better America for all People. This can be achieved at the polls…….vote Republican if you want an America For The People.

  3. The looters should be directed to ‘some of these gated communities’ where these ppl live, and, security should just be on a break for a little while…

  4. ALL these cities including Philadelphia have opted to have an economic crash by these policies for the next 20 years as the criminals have been give free reign to plunder the city and move the people out of them.