Are You Prepared for Post Election Chaos?

None of us know how this election is going to turn out but many are expecting more riots and unrest across the country no matter who wins. Hopefully, you’ve thought about how you’d handle a potentially dangerous situation or another lockdown.

This election is going to change the country one way or another and there is likely to be some fallout.

Here are a few things to think about and address immediately if you haven’t already.

Food Supply

You’ll want to have a supply of non-perishable foods such as rice, canned soups, jerky, nuts, and beans. We’ve already witnessed one shortage across the country in these areas so you should have some of this stocked already.

First Aid

Stock up on necessary medications, pain relievers, bandages, and disinfectant for wounds. Hospitals could be full or, in a worst-case scenario, overrun. Be as prepared as you can be at home.


You don't want to be in line at a gas station just to be able to get out of town if you need to. Fill up before Tuesday night. You may also need fuel for generators or heaters.

Firearm/Self Defense Weapon

This almost goes without saying right now but if you have a gun, have it ready and make sure it's in working order. Also make sure you know where it is and where the ammunition is.

If you don't have a firearm then look at knives, shovels, or tasers. Those are things you could likely still go pick up from the store right now.

A Plan

Sit down and take some time, if you haven't, and consider where you would go if you needed to leave your home in a hurry. Is everyone in your home/family/group on the same page?

What would you take with you? How would you carry it/transport it? Is it all ready to go?

How will you handle a situation with violent rioters confronting you? How about someone who is nonviolent and at your door?

What will you do if places in your neighborhood are on fire or overrun? What if looters/rioters burn down grocery stores and gas stations?

Be prepared to leave if you need to but be prepared to stay home without everyday conveniences for a while as well.

Hopefully, this is all overblown but, if it's not, it is best to not get caught unprepared.

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6 thoughts on “Are You Prepared for Post Election Chaos?”

  1. The antifa/BLM, terrorists seem to think they are so much tougher than a bunch of rednecks and suburban dwellers, but someone needs to remind them that many of us are well trained, battle hardened veterans that went to war to preserve our freedom and we know how to shoot and hit what we’re aiming at, and we have no reservations about taking out America hating communist trained snowflakes.