Trump COVID Adviser: The Only Way This Stops is if People Rise Up

Dr. Scot Atlas, a leading adviser for the Trump administration’s Coronavirus Task Force, responded to the new restrictions put in place by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Whitmer announced a new lockdown for the state of Michigan, at least for 3 weeks, that encompasses the Thanksgiving holiday.

The left has exploded over this exchange.

But Dr. Atlas is right. People do get what they accept. At one point, long ago, the people living on this land decided they didn't want tyranny and they rose up to take their freedom from the tyrants.

I'm not saying the right should do what the left did all summer long, but sitting quietly at home and hiding your beliefs in fear of being "outed" as a lover of freedom is a good recipe for what's happening right now.

The state of Michigan is now 'putting a halt' to in-person teaching at schools and colleges, sports (not professional, though), dining in at restaurants, and new restrictions on family gatherings.

Republican lawmakers are starting to make their voices heard and saying these governor-issued restrictions on our liberty are not constitutional, but they need the support of the people if they're going to enter this fight. After all, if they feel they're the only ones fighting it, they may feel they're not representing the people's wishes. Politicians are constantly worried about re-election.

The left has accused Dr. Atlas of inciting violence but he, of course, says that's not what he's calling for.

But, still, he's right. People will get the government they accept and, until about right now, we've accepted it all. The Million MAGA March was a good start to let these politicians know that liberty loving Americans aren't going to accept a socialist or communist style government, and there are plenty of us out there.

The people must make their voices heard.

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4 thoughts on “Trump COVID Adviser: The Only Way This Stops is if People Rise Up”

  1. How long does this tyrant think a “pause” is needed?? People of Michigan have been in a pause for more than eight months. This is not about controlling a freaking cold it about controlling the masses. Locking down sick people is quarantine, locking down healthy people is tyranny.
    Don’t stand for tyranny, rise up and protect your freedoms!!!

  2. Now is the time to finally overthrow the tyrannical government officials trying to make life in America I living hell while party and do what they want

  3. Dr. Scot Atlas is exactly RIGHT!!! However Sleezy joe seems to go along with antifa and blm so it seems to be ok for them to attack PEACEFUL PROTESTORS for Donald Trump. So I can promise you this. The next rally I go to or protest that I go to there will be a knife in my pocket and a pair of brass knuckles in my pocket for protection should I be attacked which seems to be a likely to happen. I will also be armed with my 9mm for protection against thugs that may harm or take my life for protesting if it is allowed where ever the protest is held. I for one am tired of all the bullshit. Donald Trump won the election fair and square and I intend to back him 100%.