BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse Released From Jail After Posting $2 Million Bail

Kyle Rittenhouse has been released from jail after posting a $2 million bail, today.

Rittenhouse is the 17 year old male who was involved in the altercation in Kenosha, WI that left two people dead after a shooting in which Kyle was chased down and attacked by a group of rioters.

Rittenhouse was arrested in Illinois and was being held there until Governor Pritzker signed off on an extradition order to transfer him to Wisconsin last month.

Attorney Lin Wood broke the news and thanked all the patriots who helped fund the Rittenhouse defense team.

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8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse Released From Jail After Posting $2 Million Bail”

  1. If we had justice in this country he would have never been charged. Kyle was only defending himself from an onslaught from people intending to kill him. A clear case of self-defense. He was arrested in order toappease the rioters from BLM and Antifa. The powers in the Wisconsin justice system are nothing more than political hacks that can be swayed by any two bit gang of low lifes like BLM or Antifa. Cowards All.

  2. Charge the innocent, ignore the guilty. That has always been the philosophy of the Democrats. Ask Kamala Harris.
    Charges against Kyle should be dropped and he should sue all involved in his persecution. Maybe it would get the Democrat’s attention if he received a few million in compensation.

  3. Horrid that someone brutally kills two people and you are happy about it. You should be ashamed. Obviously he did not have the two million dollars for bail so some repub. put up the money.

    So sick of people who want the fetus protected but once alive, it’s no big deal if they are killed. I could go on and on but why bother writing to murder lovers.