Trump: Section 230 Must be Eliminated for National Security Purposes

President Trump stated that Section 230 must be eliminated as a matter of national security, in a tweet late on Thursday night.

Twitter and Facebook are two popular social media platforms that have seen censorship of conservative content at an unprecedented level in the United States. Both platforms have placed warnings of “disputed content” or ‘fact checks’ on many of the President’s tweets and posts.

The platforms have also blocked and suspended accounts that post studies and testimonials about COVID-19 that don't agree with the mainstream media's opinion on the virus. Trump's legal team have seen their posts and accounts blocked or suspended when displaying evidence of election fraud.

Sidney Powell has posted links to her election lawsuits that have been blocked on Twitter.

Many agree with President Trump that we cannot have this level of censorship in a free country. There is also an argument being made, currently, that the one-sided censorship constitutes election interference.

However, John Matze, the founder of Parler disagrees with eliminating Section 230.

“As the founder (of Parler), I like Section 230, especially for us, because we are a neutral town square. We don’t weigh in on the content of the user,” he said, adding users “define their own experience.”

“The problem with Section 230 is that Facebook and Twitter are already in violation of Section 230 because they’re not neutral actors, they’re acting as publishers,” Matze said.

Ajit Pai, Federal Communications Chairman, says they will clarify just what this means for the social media companies.

“Social media companies have a First Amendment right to free speech. But they do not have a First Amendment right to a special immunity denied to other media outlets, such as newspapers and broadcasters.”

Either way, there needs to be action soon. Without free speech and the free exchange of ideas, we will soon find ourselves in a Socialist or Communist country that looks more like China or North Korea.

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11 thoughts on “Trump: Section 230 Must be Eliminated for National Security Purposes”

  1. There needs to be a huge penalty to facebook twitter tv media and newspapers who deliberately censor all free speech and all news.

  2. Seems we’ve created this scenario in which a couple of radical leftists control what people are allowed to read. If we had not flocked to their platforms like sheep, they wouldn’t have such power. Now that they have the power, they qualify for treatment under anti trust laws.

    Time to break them into smaller segments and force them to compete like the big shots they pretend to be. In the mean time, they must not be permitted to simply buy out emerging competition and control it all. This nation may even have to create new laws to limit this kind of vicious control of the once free market.

    1. Completely agree. They have taken “authority” to do whatever they want and not be tried for doing so. 230 can be rewritten with the addition of what is being done by FB, Google, etc. If they hate our country this much, then we close them down and they go to wherever else on the planet but no longer here. They have may themselves uber rich and think that a lot of money can do whatever it wants so they can make more money. Sorry, but the time has come to either shape up or we will see you down the sewer. If you can’t be real Americans too bad as you don’t deserve to live here but can throw your dirt elsewhere. Sad so many grandparents, parents and today’s students think all is okay in spite of the fact that our educational systems were taken over in the 1960’s by the DNC Party of Communism and so all this is okay when it obviously is not okay and means they don’t give a darn about you but only their power and money. Time to wake up to reality and kick their butts to the curb. Parlor is winning more and more of us and now we will see these uber rich America haters wondering what can we do about that? Nada, nothing, nil, except behave or go away or close down. Your choice!

    2. ISNT what TWITTER AND FACEBOOK are doing considered a MONOPOLY! They buy up the competition and dictate to you and I who we should agree with and associate on-line with! If they don’t agree with their policies, they block them or you!

      That’s certainly not a free forum where you can share ideas!

    3. SAD SAD SAD ……… Here is just one example of a totalitarian regime omission !!!!

      NO limit in “government information control” once they totally taken over……..

      I was still home in 1986. in socialist Hungary, when Chernobyl exploded !
      Do to Russian control in the socialist blocks in Europe, Russia told a fatal lie for 5 days straight !!!
      “2 casualty, do to the explosion”…….. In this MAGNITUDE ………
      The Hungarian speaking Swedish radio announced the 3.000 (3 thousand time) RADIATION to the legal limit….. But NOT even a sound about any radiation, on any socialist news………

  3. The new Pravda designed to restrict the free
    speech of all except the lefties, socialists and
    Republican haters. This country will not tolerate
    their restrictions and will take measures to shut
    them down, legally or forcefully! Beware you

  4. I feel that Facebook, Tweeter, & any other social media platforms that have and continue to sensor American citizens of free speech should be charged with Anti-Trust, fined, and if they continue to ban them from the internet. After all that is what they are doing all intelligent, law abiding, God fearing American! Grant the section 230 to legitimate social media websites such as parler & others that still believes in GOD and free speech no mater who or what the poster may post. We are mostly intelligent and can determine if we want to follow the line of thinking or not.

  5. Those who censor free speech should not have the protection of our government so that they can avoid a lawsuit.

    They feel they should be able to take down free speech and they must suffer the consequences of that action.

    From a freedom lover