St. Louis Has More Homicides Than Coronavirus Deaths in 2020

St. Louis has more homicides than China virus deaths this year.

As of 11/29/20, St. Louis has had 238 coronavirus deaths.

As of 11/25/20, St. Louis had 238 homicides.

But, before Thanksgiving hit, St. Louis reached 239 homicides after a 19 year old was shot and killed on the eve of Thanksgiving.

Yet, St. Louis seems to be shutting down businesses and taking away individual rights due to the coronavirus. St. Louis is certainly not alone in taking such action but violent crime in these larger Democrat run cities tends to be a consistent problem that doesn't garner much attention.

However, coronavirus deaths seem to make the news on a daily basis and are consistently used as a justification for restricting Americans' rights.

When the government has the power to shut down your business and lock you in your home, all for your own safety, you no longer control the government the government controls you. The exact opposite of what our Constitution calls for.

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2 thoughts on “St. Louis Has More Homicides Than Coronavirus Deaths in 2020”

  1. leave Biden and his globalist gang rule the States. 2 years later it will remain nothing i,stall this poeple on the death czlley next year there will be no sand!.Your punishment to note stupid.Any country get the governement it merits crocks;pediphiles dimm etc

  2. This subject reinforces my thinking on Black Lives Matter, and by that I mean to ask, if BLM is a real cause or movement then why aren’t they in St. Louis or Chicago demanding that the gangs and politicians’ do something about the murder rate on a daily basis? Based on the numbers I hear there are more Blacks killed in one weekend in Chicago than in the entire country for a full year at the hands of the police. My question is, why are we defunding the police and not the Mayor of Chicago?
    I believe the Black men of this country really need to rethink their priorities and stop listening to the wrong people if they truly want to have justice and peace.