PA Gov. Wolf Says No to Firearms During Emergencies

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vetoed bills supporting firearms during emergencies like the pandemic.

Two bills had passed through the General Assembly. One bill would have repealed the provision that states, “no person shall carry a firearm upon the public streets or upon any public property”.

The other bill would have prevented a governor or local government from closing down gun stores during an emergency.

Wolf has a history of trying to shutter gun stores and has taken many criticisms for his actions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this year governor Wolf ordered gun stores to close and insisted they were not essential businesses. He then backtracked on his order after lawsuits from Second Amendment groups.

Wolf did, however, sign a couple dozen bills into law, including measures on organ donation, parole of violent offenders, recycling and broadband.


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20 thoughts on “PA Gov. Wolf Says No to Firearms During Emergencies”

  1. That guy can go screw himself!!! Emergencies are exactly when we need guns. We have already seen the government will not protect us.

  2. Wolfe should realize that the people in this Commonwealth will not put up with this kind of action we love our guns mainly hunting and when we go camping it is necessary to have a handgun or small caliber rifle with us for problems mainly dangerous snakes. Also if he tries to take our guns he will be removed from office the people will have him removed for disobeying the Constitution. We can not depend on the Police to protect us during the pandemic with the restrictions he has imposed on us and them.

  3. Well now, I guess in time of emergency, we will see no Police or National Guardsmen armed on the street, EVER. On the other hand… I wonder how many residents, in time of Emergency, will be at home, not venturing, even to render aid to others? How many will remain in their homes armed to the teeth?

  4. The good Governor shows how out of touch he is with individual rights per the Constitution and Bill of Rights and what his personal bias against firearms does for his leadership. Such a shame and disgrace but…. he certainly is not alone in his political behavior.

  5. Public officials that violate clearly established constitutional law or attempt to do so by legislative fiat should be immediately arrested. Not talk, talk, talk, but imprisoned. They are paid agents of anarchy and know that they are clearly violating their oath of office, and are an enemy of America and her people. If they really think that limiting the second amendment during emergencies is a good thing, then they should immediately disarm and disband all of their personal security forces. These people are worthless hypocrites!

  6. Why does my comment disappear instead of being posted. You prove that you are corrupt when you do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. “The People” didn’t buy millions of weapons so that we could sit and watch as our loved ones and property are in peril. Mr. Wolf can pass every stupid Law he wants to pass, but Patriots will remain armed and make every effort to protect the things they love. When leadership decides they are going to “stand down” and allow criminals to do as they wish, rest assured that there will be a wall of opposition in place to stop the destruction. We’re sick of seeing violent criminals released, rioters go uncharged and free, Police being told to “stand down”, all while the leaders are in guarded and secured homes and offices. I don’t know what’s happened in America, but we have a right to protect and defend our families and property and no Law is going to change that. Be safe and be prepared!!

  8. Why would ANYONE vote for a DemoncRAT — it is a vote to enslave yourself!! Better check back when this Wolf was elected it is probably as fraudulent as PA voting for Lyin’ Biden and should be overturned as the Presidential election will soon be overturned!!!