St. Louis Attorney Kim Gardner Dismissed From McCloskey Case

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has been dismissed as prosecutor from the McCloskey case, according to a report from local KMOV news station.

You may remember the McCloskeys as the St. Louis couple that was charged for standing outside their home with guns after BLM protesters allegedly knocked down the gate to their neighborhood and began protesting on their private property.

The couple also said that the BLM  protesters threatened to do ‘horrible’ things to Patricia McCloskey, the wife.

The McCloskeys filed a motion to remove Gardner after her campaign sent out fundraising emails mentioning the McCloskeys, exposing a bias.

In those emails, Gardner mentioned the criticisms of her office made by President Donald Trump and Governor Mike Parson, saying they were “fighting for the two who pointed guns at citizens during the Black Lives Matter protests.”

Gardner has been accused of using her political office and power to drop charges against certain politically aligned people while pursuing charges against politically opposing individuals.

The couple stands charged with one count of unlawful use of a weapon, each, and a felony tampering with evidence charge. The protesters were cited for trespassing but those citations were not pursued further.

Missouri Governor Mike Parsons has said he will pardon the couple if they are indeed convicted.

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18 thoughts on “St. Louis Attorney Kim Gardner Dismissed From McCloskey Case”

  1. Since when is it a crime to protect yourself and your property ???? These democrats are really making it obvious that they want To take all our freedoms under the constitution Away from us…we will never allow that to happen…we will do whatever is necessary to protect our freedoms including the right to protect ourselves and our property….we must defend our constitutional rights and freedoms …the democrats want to take our gun rights away so we can’t defend ourselves… not give them that kind of power….

    1. Of course they do , that is clear . They called Trump AUTHORITARIAN but it is the democrats alone who wear that hat , which is why for the life of me can I understand how ANY AMERICAN worthy of the name can vote for them . They don’t believe in freedom and all they do is line their pockets and screw the citizens of this fine nation.

  2. The case should be dismissed. The blm is a terrorist organization and the McCloskey’s were defending their property and person from a terrorist.

  3. Pretty important case to continue freedom in our country. The George Soros backed prosecutor is simply a pawn in the game of the currency manipulator to achieve his ultimate goals which is to destroy America, freedom and ultimately the dollar. George Soros with Covid-19 = a very good day for mankind!

  4. What the hell is happening to our country? There is no doubt we are divided but the liberal left really are making headway with all these Socialistic rules and they seem to be getting away with it.
    It can just go for so long and when Americans awake, look out!

  5. Kim Gardner should be fired! She is clearly part of the problem in our country. She is as prosecuting ting the McCloskeys for exercising their Second Amendment right to protect themselves and their property. Ms Gardner needs the acquaint herself with the Constitution.

  6. Pardon them? for what ? I understand Missouri Has the castle doctrine in place , the charges should be dropped since they are bogus to begin with . Explain how evidence was tampered with ? They had 2 guns which were surrendered , violating McCloskey’s rights .That DA should be charge with violating the McCloskey’s civil Rights . Just because she;s black she should not get a pass ! She doesn’t deserve the office she holds or he law license .

  7. Used to be that St. Louis produced a great beer (Bud and others in that family) . Now is is a hotbed of liberalism and communism. So much for Bud. Does not matter anyway since AB was purchased by foreign companies. No more Bud for me after sixty years simply because it puts up with the likes of the St. Louis DA’s antics concerning the McCloskeys. Check the crime rate in St. Louis and then see if you can say something nice about its DA.

  8. I never thought I would see the day, especially in the Live Free state where defending your home would results in an obviously biased law enforcement official would try to prosecute them. I was under the impression that the law was to protect citizens. Imagine if you will, if the McCloskeys were not able to pay for a decent lawyer, if they were just Joe Average? The mob would win against the poor and in a country that supposed to defend the rights of all its citizens could only assist those with money. Another disturbing element of the McCloskey affair, where were the police? Last but perhaps not least, where were the rest of the citizens, if you don’t stand up to tyranny, who will, certainly not that prosecutor!

  9. Gardner must now be disbarred . She accepted campaign money from Geo Soros who is now known to have connection to Dominion and the CCP.
    CCP is the #1 enemy of Liberty and have deeply infiltrated our institutions. (Ref Pompeo Georgia speech)