Kamala Harris Doubles Down in Tweet

Kamala Harris, who will be Joe Biden’s Vice President, if he is indeed inaugurated in January, doubles down on her anti-gun position.

She uses the anniversary of the Sandy Hook School shooting as a basis for her ‘protection’ orders.

Recently, a Biden aide said that a President Biden would use executive action in order to ban assault weapons.

We are long past the point where these politicians are disguising their intrusion on and disgust for our Bill of Rights. They're now telling you when you can and cannot operate your own business, if you can go to church, if it's appropriate to gather with your family members, and coming soon, whether you deserve the right to defend yourself and your family.

Welcome to a preview of the New America.

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16 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Doubles Down in Tweet”

    1. How about starting with some real punishment for those who use a gun while committing a crime. How about a death penalty and only one appeal! There are plenty of gun laws allready on the books! No more laws, just enforce what is

    1. They will never make it to the White House. And if they do it’ll be temporary. The Kraken is on the case. They have all the proof they need to but sleepy Joe and all his little dwarfs in GITMO. And they know that and the press knows it. But they will still try to convince the fools that voted for them that they are going in. Never get my guns, never.

  1. You were not born in the U.S. and are therefore , like obozo, not eligible to be sworn in as vice president! Which is as it should be!!! We have enough crap going on with out the likes of you and little joey adding to the BS!!!

    1. How about 800,000 abortions every year which is worse a few gun deaths or thousands of babies.
      Joe Biden should be thrown out of the Catholic Church he is a low life hypocrite!!!!

  2. They want to take away citizen’s sporting and hunting semi-automatic rifles that are not assault weapons, so they have no chance to stand up against the tyranny of their true assault fully automatic weapons. They do not want the people to have any or minimum resistance when they reign down their tyranny upon the nations patriots. We defeated King George and the mightiest army on earth to gain our independence and freedom, we can and will defeat them if necessary.

  3. The reality is congress. Not the President or Vice President. It would take years even if action was carried out, and still there’s no guarantee…

  4. They will never make it in the White House. If they do, it’ll only be temporary. The Kraken is on the prowl. And sleepy Joe and all his little dwarfs will be at GITMO soon enough.

  5. People still get stabbed! Why don’t they report that on the news?! All you ever hear about is gun violence, but never violence caused by knives. Why do you think that is?! We never hear that knives should get ban do we?! Oh no they don’t pose as much of a threat to the agenda! Be ready there is storm coming!