Large Gun Manufacturer is Suing New Jersey

The Attorney General for the state of New Jersey issued a subpoena to Smith & Wesson demanding to have a decade’s worth of advertising and sales records.

Smith & Wesson is fighting back.

Smith & Wesson filed a lawsuit, on Tuesday, accusing the state of violating their first amendment rights.

They're accusing the state of New Jersey of basically harassing and bullying them in order to suppress their lawful speech protecting the second amendment.

"The New Jersey Attorney General has taken a series of actions to suppress Smith & Wesson's speech, and with the intention of damaging Smith & Wesson both financially and reputationally," the complaint from the company said. "The most recent such action is the issuance of an administrative subpoena … on October 13, 2020 that allegedly seeks evidence of consumer fraud relating to advertising – but in reality, it seeks to suppress and punish lawful speech regarding gun ownership in order to advance an anti-Second Amendment agenda that the Attorney General publicly committed to pursue."

William Yeatman thinks Smith & Wesson has quite a fight on their hands, though.

"In this context, New Jersey has tremendous latitude to investigate," he said. "Nevertheless, there are limits, and AGs generally aren't allowed to go on fishing expeditions, especially when constitutional rights are possibly at play."


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22 thoughts on “Large Gun Manufacturer is Suing New Jersey”

  1. Smith & Wesson just like the NRA should have moved to a more Conservative friendlier state years ago, so now they are reaping those non-decisions.

    Who in the world are running these companies?

    1. I’d have to disagree. I give S&W a thumbs up for finally putting it up to a lawsuit. It’s the government breaking the law, not S&W. It’s companies that run away from these government bureaucrats that have helped put us on the defensive instead of forcing our government to obey the laws that they wrote. We need to support the rule of law, so I’m going to go out now to look for a new S&W pistol now in order to help boost their sales. It’s like ‘Chick Fil A’, a new one just opened near here and they now have half the police force out directing traffic around it. Their decision to stand up for their rights against a tyrannical government has proven to be the right move both politically and financially.

      If the bureaucrats really want to ban guns they need to change the law, and they know that will be an impossible task anymore in this country. They just keep the subject going in order to distract the public from the real issues, many of which we have no idea are even going on. I’m sure they will eventually expose more of their criminal activities by attempting to make someone else the target of their own graft and greed. The biggest problem in this country today is ignorant people just keep voting the same people into office to control them. That’s just the way it is. If we just tried something else it just might all go away and we can enjoy the the rest of our lives.

  2. Good. Stick it to them but I have to say there’s never been a minute in history that the New Jersey government hasn’t been corrupt.

  3. Until we go full Democratic strategy and make judges, leftist politicians and ALL other socialist people or groups fear for their lives we can never defeat them. We are more, bigger and stronger and we need to put the fear of God into their lived.

    1. Yep.. History teaches that hose who are unwilling to kill and die to preserve their rights, freedoms and property will NOT retain them.

  4. What the political elite wants is abolition of the 2nd Amendment and private gun ownership. The 2nd amendment is what they fear… it gives the final word on how things are going to be to the citizen. Without the 2nd, the other rights only survive on the “good nature” of elected politicians. I’m not comfortable with that arrangement… are you?

  5. New Jersey is a mess. And they people there are so dull headed they cannot perceive it or care to do anything about it. I grew up there and couldn’t wait to leave at age 17 to go to college and never moved back. Thank God I was able to move to Texas. It’s like moving to heaven from hell. No surprise they would sue S&W. This is the idiot state that outlawed bb guns when I was a 7 yr old.

  6. It is all part of the gun grabbing agenda to look appealing to constituents, we all know the leaders of the “democratic” party are nothing else but scammers.

  7. Sounds like New Jersey AG is harassing Smith & Weston and for what reason? He should find something better to do like insuring laws are enforced and not emptying jailsusoing COVID as an excuse.

  8. I would move out of the State these Democrat States Hate America and Capitalism. Look at all the other States who are Democrat run people are leaving by the thousands.

  9. This is illegal and unconstitutional. It must be stopped. Liberal communists are trying to disarm the public so they can impose communism on us without a fight. I am totally appalled and I stand with Smith & Wesson.

    Bud Calkin

  10. We are fast heading down the slippery slope to a communist style government. Attorney Generals, Governors, and now possibly the Presidency, and the senate have been compromised away from our constitutional republic, and toward a socialist, Marxist government.
    It is time for patriots to plan for action against what is happening.

  11. Smith & Wesson should also sue the Attorney general personally for violating oath of office . Progressives & liberals don’t grasp the fact that THEIR AJENDA is causing the gun violence problem in America , not guns themselves. School shootings started when Discipline, honor , duty and responsibility were cast aside so “self-esteem could be pushed . The problem here is that if a person feels slaughtering people will boost their self-esteem then thats what they do . Adults commit crimes and are back on the streets in hours no bail , and now police are being defubded and liberal DA’s aren’t putting violent criminals in jail in a lot of places . Not a problem where I live thank God .

  12. It is just the way New Jersey does business. A Democrat controlled state, one of the most populated, with one of the most complex infrastructures, one of the highest “on the dole” percentages (in excess of 50% statewide), one of the highest crime rates, one of the most legislated states, one of the highest tax rates, one of the most ineffective educational programs because of the way it is managed, and on and on. We already have in place many, many laws concerning firearms, their ownership, use and storage. The poor excuse for government of the state is usually behind the problems within the state. Criminals thrive in New Jersey, both in the political arenas and on the streets. Such a shame… in need of much change and term limits – here and elsewhere in our nation.