Woman Convicted of Fraud a Decade Ago Wants Her 2nd Amendment Right Back

In Wasatch County, Utah a woman is fighting to get her second amendment right restored after a check fraud conviction over a decade ago.

Local ABC4 in Utah reported:

In 2008, Melynda Vincent plead guilty to a federal felony for attempting to negotiate a false check in the amount of $498.12 at a Salt Lake City grocery store, according to the lawsuit.

Since the incident, Vincent says she has kicked an addiction and crated a new path for her life, getting a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees.

Vincent has also started a non-profit organization that aims to help people struggling with addiction avoid the path that she took.

“Current statutes commanding perpetual punishment with no hope of redemption poorly serve the proper understanding of the Second Amendment.”

This lawsuit brings up an important argument being made more and more about nonviolent crimes and the permanent suspension of the right to bear arms. Check fraud is certainly a crime but not a violent one by itself.

Should convictions of nonviolent crimes prevent a person from owning a firearm?

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3 thoughts on “Woman Convicted of Fraud a Decade Ago Wants Her 2nd Amendment Right Back”

  1. It is not the country’s fault that as an adult she willingly broke the law and now wants her rights back. She knew the potential end results when she did it. Now I guess killers and rapists and bank robbers want to be forgiven and allowed to regain every thing they lost by being stupid. They earned what the lost by being stupid and that isn’t going to change. She is paying for it and she is trying to repent but the constitution is just that.It matters not how many college degrees she has now. She, like every one else needs to pay for their crimes and that is how it is. If new evidence came forward that exonerated her that would be a completely different story..

  2. Is this a cover for what happened in Wisconsin? He was trying to pass a bad check? But he fought and was killed while trying to kill law enforcement and escape!

    A very similar issue was what “ENTITLED” BLM to start rioting, injuring people and property cause they believe it’s the right of EVERY negro to illegally carry a firearm, lie, steal what they want and NOT fear any consequences!!

    Far as I can determine this belief is held cause they believe they’re entitled cause some ancestor may have been purchased as a slave from some fellow African negro a couple hundred years ago.

    What are they asking as reparations of the African negro who sold the person into slavery?