MO Officials Fire Back at Federal Government Over 2nd Amendment Rights


Missouri leaders got in a political shouting match with the federal government last Thursday over 2nd Amendment rights, reports Fox News.

MO Gov. Mike Parson signed the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act earlier this month which effectively makes Missouri a “sanctuary state” for the 2nd amendment.

It allows citizens to sue law enforcement agencies that violate their rights and it levies a $50,000 fine on agencies that assist federal agents in doing the same. Shortly after the bill was signed, Biden’s DOJ sent a letter to the state claiming that their law violated the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause.

Last week, Gov. Parson and Republican Attorney General Eric Schmitt sent a letter back to the DOJ slamming them for their commitment to federal overreach on gun confiscation.

Parson and Schmitt made their argument in three points: 1) “The right to keep and bear arms is inalienable and a critical backstop to liberty”; 2) “Missouri has the right to refuse to enforce unconstitutional infringements by the federal government”; and 3) “Missouri will defend its citizens and its laws from federal overreach.”

The letter makes clear that Missourians, and all Americans, have 2nd amendment rights that cannot be infringed by anyone and that the state has a duty to protect those rights.

They cite the Missouri Constitution which says that “The state of Missouri shall be obligated to uphold these rights and shall under no circumstances decline to protect against their infringement.”

Parson and Schmitt’s letter also cites Biden’s appearance on CNN in 2019 where he said that he plans to come after so-called “assault weapons.”

The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act and the letter from Parson and Schmitt represent a return to the federalism that our country was founded upon. The federal government was expressly limited in its scope and the individual States were granted sovereignty over all matters within their borders.

It has always been this way, but as the federal government has expanded itself, many states have not stood up for their rights.

Ironically, many blue states have stood up to the federal government when it comes to immigration law and marijuana.

This instance in Missouri is a red state standing up to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of its citizens.

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