Will Russia Invade Ukraine? History Says Yes

Russia takes what it wants in the 21st Century. In Georgia, then Crimea, and today, there is nothing stopping Russia from seizing territory and drawing blood.

Russia has amassed nearly 100,000 troops on the border of Ukraine. Satellite images show that they are sending more tanks, troops, and equipment by the day. Russian military leaders have been conducting military drills with Belarus that they insist are defensive. Putin and the Kremlin also insist that they have no intention of invading Ukraine unless they are somehow “provoked.”

US President Joe Biden blundered in a press conference, calling an invasion of Ukraine a “minor incursion” and essentially giving them the green light to invade. He since walked back the comment. Biden threatened Russia with vague “consequences” for an invasion that he later clarified as economic sanctions.

Vladimir Putin has no reason to be afraid of these threats. Why would he? Biden did nothing when Afghanistan was overrun by radical oppressive terrorists. He wasn’t even willing to leave 2,500 troops to aid in evacuation as his top brass advised. Worse still, he even said the US will not move troops into Ukraine should Russia Invade.

Moreover, history tells us that the rest of the world will do nothing as well.

In 2008, Russia invaded Georgia. They led a brutal onslaught killing more than 228 civilians and leaving a total of 2159 Georgians. Even though it was clearly unprovoked, in an effort to appease Russia, the EU placed the blame on Georgia. They used a blatant lie that Georgia fired the first shot.

This imperialist victory opened the door to 2014’s Crimea invasion. It was the largest land grab since World War II but Russia saw no real consequences.

So if they know our president has no teeth to bite him, and that the EU may justify his actions, why not invade? Putin has a long history with the KGB. He thinks like an insurgent and a spy. It’s not clear exactly how he plans to strike but you can be sure he has a plan and he intents to implement it. Anyone who thinks a threat of “economic sanctions” will stop him, is a wide-eyed ignorant fool.


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