Canadian Truckers Protest Unethical Mandates, Trudeau Hides, Then Whimpers

Canadians truckers have been taking to the streets in protest of Canada’s unethical vaccine mandates and other atrocious policies. They even went so far as to block a border crossing.  Police and media try desperately to do everything in their power to frame these freedom loving Canadians as criminal. As if the parallels weren’t already clear enough Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response was priceless.

Trudeau went into hiding at first. He disappeared from the public eye and was supposedly diagnosed with COVID-19. When he eventually emerged from his cave, he gave a very bizarre statement. He called the rhetoric “hateful,” described the peaceful protests as “violence towards citizens,” and here’s the kicker: he’d rather be at a BLM riot.

Justin Trudeau would rather join an entitled crowd of rioters burning down private businesses than hardworking patriots that just want to earn an honest living. Trudeau isn’t even the worst as many journalists have taken to calling this “Canada’s January 6th.” There is no end to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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4 thoughts on “Canadian Truckers Protest Unethical Mandates, Trudeau Hides, Then Whimpers”

  1. This group is definitely not a fringe element. Any government for and by the people should not be afraid of holding open discussions with the people they govern. Government should not be “Top Down”; it should be “Bottom Up”.

  2. As a former Canadian, I am happy to see they have the “chutzpah “ to get out there and protest!
    I say “kudos” for them, instead of the usual demeanor of Canadians always taking it on the chin and not complaining! Funny thing is that I’ve never met a Canadian yet who confesses that they actually voted for whoever their Prime Minister happens to be at the time!