More High-Capacity Magazine Bans? Let’s Take a Look at Another Bogus Restriction

Another day another gun control bill finds its way onto the floor of some legislature in the country, this time around Washington State gun owners are under fire and it is magazines that the local politicians are after.

Washington State lawmakers have introduced legislation that will ban the purchasing of magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

The legislation itself isn’t the worst in the country, other states that have pushed magazine bans have been a lot more strict than Washington has. Washington’s proposed magazine ban would only outlaw the sale and manufacturing of “high capacity magazines”(more than 10 rounds), other states have banned the possession of these magazines.

The debate around this legislation is as fierce as it has been in other states, one thing to consider is the general confusion most consumers have when it comes to magazine capacity and the capacity of the firearm with the magazine. No one is really sure if the round in the chamber is being included in the limit these laws set, is 10+1 allowed? No one really has a straight answer but no one seems to be making a big deal about it so it probably is.

Regardless of the niche details of this legislation, current owners of these magazines have nothing to worry about. Unless of course, they want to pick up another “high capacity magazine”

The Democrat-controlled legislature in the state is pushing the legislation but it is not guaranteed to pass as a result of two factors, not all Democrats in the state are completely on board with gun control and this measure isn’t as extreme as magazine bans in other states.

The latter reason may prove more helpful for conservatives who want to kill the legislation as there are Democrats in the state who think the measure does not go far enough and they can produce more extreme measures. Unlikely allies but allies nonetheless.

Legislation like this is ridiculous from the start, the idea that legislators should be able to determine how many rounds you put in your magazine is nonsense. It is no one’s business how many rounds you need to defend yourself at home or out of the home. If you want a 60-round magazine for a fun day at the range, and you can afford the ammo, then who are we to tell you that is absurd.

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