ATF Gun Grabbers Goad Americans to Snitch on Their Ex’s

You’d be forgiven for thinking it was a joke, but it’s very real. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms shared a tweet today that’s concerning at best. Go ahead and read it for yourself:

A few tweets gaining traction are saying that the ATF just “volunteered to kill your ex for you.” It’s only a matter of time before that gets “fact checked.” The libertarian organization Young Americans For Liberty clapped back with this:

It’s becoming far more difficult to own a firearm and far more reasonable to keep it off the books. Joe Biden’s legislation to restrict firearm construction is one of many reasons. Legislation is getting stricter and stricter. A new high capacity magazine ban just hit the Washington State legislature and it’s far from alone. Every gun that is registered will eventually be a target.

Exercising your constitutional rights today is illegal gun ownership tomorrow.

A Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences survey found that around 2,000 dealers nationwide help Americans exercise their Second Amendment rights where gun control legislation would otherwise stop them. The ATF has demonstrated that they will do everything in their power to enforce existing legislation even if it’s as deceptive and underhanded as this.

Let’s not forget the ghoulish red flag laws that already allow a scorned lover to have your legal guns confiscated just because they don’t like you.

Do you have an ex who knows about your guns? Might be a good time to change your name.


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