Trudeau Seizes Totalitarian Control

Freedom loving Canadian truckers continue to protest vaccine mandates. Justin Trudeau is enacting emergency powers that allow him to use military power against these peaceful protestors.

The trucker protest has been peaceful, respectful, and reverent. They only ask for the freedom to make their own personal medical decisions. The Trucker’s haven’t burned any buildings, attacked anyone, or looted any stores. Only two years ago, Black Lives Matter was burning down American cities. Justin Trudeau endorsed those riots that committed all three of the aforementioned crimes (see links). He even attended one.

So the Canadian Prime Minister enacted emergency powers for the first time in the country’s history. This is a move of panic. Canada’s government has lost control and the people are winning.

The American media is fighting hard to paint these peaceful marches as evil, however. Politico claimed that movement is fringe and “far right.” They parroted the unsubstantiated claim that the protests are being led by NAZI and Confederate flags. If you follow their links, you’ll find a yahoo page with no photos, no video, just a word of mouth claim that someone saw NAZI flags. The source even admits that it is a “small minority” of the group (if it even exists at all).

Where is Time Magazine’s defense of the truckers as 100% peaceful like they did for 93% of BLM riots? The truth is that they don’t believe in a grand right of peaceful protest. They only want their people to have that freedom. Unfortunately, the justice system similarly lets BLM protestors off just as easily.

It’s possible you may not have heard, but there is an American trucker convoy traveling to DC in March. We’ll see if they receive the same treatment.

But back to Canada. Interestingly enough, Trudeau doesn’t even have the justification stipulated in the documents outlining the emergency powers. The protest would have to threaten the “health and safety” of the nation’s citizens, or the “sovereignty or integrity” of Canada’s government. Not only is the protest entirely peaceful, but it’s also only a threat to Canada’s economy in the same way that a strike would.

How ironic is it that the same people who claim to champion “workers’ rights” (including the teamsters union) seem to be so opposed to these? Let’s keep fighting hard!

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12 thoughts on “Trudeau Seizes Totalitarian Control”

  1. Double standard, Trudeau praised BLM riots, burning buildings and looting but his country men are not doing any of that, his panties are in a wad because he is losing control of the people, the Canadians are backing the truckers protest about being forced to take a vaccine that has some serious side effects, most people agree the government has no right to force a medicine on a citizen if they do not want it nor punish them if they don’t take it

  2. Trudeau is a loser and needs to be removed. He can’t make them transport anything so if they are removed how will of this help? Canadians will still have empty shelves without them.

  3. Trudeau, sounds like a 2 year old and he needs to go. He certainly is not for the citizen’s of Canada. If that happens here in the USA their is going to be a revolution. Obama as you all should know is running his 3rd term. He and many others in our government need some serious jail time

  4. Trudeau sounds like a 2 year old . He certainly is not working for the citizens of Canada.
    If this happens in America there is going to be a revolution and all the crooks in our government will go.

  5. Canadians now understand why the liberal government wanted to take their weapons and did.
    They are going to have to go home and get their weapons, apparently they will have to shoot some cops to get to Trudeau.