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Need to Cook Without Gas, Fire, or Power? Check Out This Must Have Survival Gadget

You might want to avoid smoke trails. Your area may be dry and hazardous. There are many reasons to avoid starting a fire but boiling water and cooking food is absolutely necessary.

If you don’t already have one, the 4 Patriots Sun Kettle is an absolute must to add to your survival toolbox. Highly recommended by former Navy Seals, and with many glowing reviews, this nifty gadget is near revolutionary.

2 parabolic mirrors trap the energy of the sun in a tempered glass tube. The greenhouse effect then works to cook your food without gas, energy, or fire. And what’s more, it’s completely silent.

Here’s an example of a demonstrated recipe and cooking video with the device.

A review from BigTV videos on YouTube is definitely worth watching before you buy. He shows you how to position a sundial on the device to channel the most sunlight possible into the chamber.

Overall, the Sun Kettle is compact, built like a tank, and very light at only 1.1 pounds. It’s at the very least worth a try and would be a very valuable tool to have in a pinch. If the power goes out, or for some reason you need to cook or boil water without starting a fire, you’ll be glad you had the Sun Kettle close by.

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