Joe Biden Gave Terrorists HOW MUCH!!??

Have you ever wondered just how much Joe Biden gave to the Taliban in our disastrous Afghanistan pullout? The numbers are finally in! And they are quite honestly terrifying.

Here is a detailed list of the gifts we gave our favorite terrorists:

110 helicopters

60 transport cargo planes

20 light attack planes

18 intelligence/surveillance planes

42,604 tactical vehicles

22,174 humvees

8,998 medium tactical vehicles

1,005 recovery vehicles

928 mine-resistant vehicles

189 armored tanks

358,530 rifles

126,295 pistols

64,363 machine guns

25,327 grenade launchers

12,692 shotguns

9,877 RPGs

2,606 howitzers

So now that we know a greater extent of the damage Joe Biden wrought, what do you think of our illustrious Commander-in-Chief?

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6 thoughts on “Joe Biden Gave Terrorists HOW MUCH!!??”

  1. Beyond disgusting. The action of leaving the US arms and supplies behind is treason. Treason carries serious punishment. Prosecute this.

  2. We have elected and re-elected Fools to represent us in Local.
    State and Federal Governments. MAGA November 8. 2022 vote
    out all Career politicians!

  3. I used to think the woke was just B.Sanders marxists but I am now seeing that they are not even for this country. HE__, even the National Socialists they despise were for their own and their own country but these Dumbs in control of the congress and the executive branch are International socialists for only the CCP and USSR because they are paid off to be the stooges of these foreign entities and despise their own as subhuman anachronists instead of constituent citizens. They punish us with executive dictats that destroy our economy and way of life. Put Nothing past these despots as they will do anything to lock us down like the captive Chinese in retraining camps, quarantined cities, and gulags so that they can once again stuff the ballot boxes to make old hollow head Josef a winner once more and themselves in power forever. Look for a phony epidemic to shot the economy down just before the upcoming elections . (Then you will Know)!