Grandpa Dispatches Home Intruder

A homeowner in Flint Township, Michigan shot and killed an alleged intruder late last Thursday night, the details remind us why 2A is so important.

An 80-year-old man was home late one night when an alleged burglar broke into his home and confronted him.

The alleged burglar soon realized the errors of his ways when the homeowner drew his fireman and shot the man. The alleged burglar died on the scene.

The homeowner was taken into custody by authorities but soon released.

This story is quick and simple but it could have very easily gone another way. The homeowner was not exactly young, being 80-years-old, and while some old timers can still throw a mean right, it would not be fair to say they all can. The alleged intruder was only in his 30s, take the firearm away and the homeowner could have very well been killed by this man.

Firearms remain the great equalizer in this world, the physically weak can stand up to the physically strong and so on.

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