Could UN Gun Control Reach Our Shores?

The United Nations is preparing for another big gun control push at the world level, this time around toy guns are the target of this effort.

The United Nations has held passive efforts to combat the illegal arms trade and recently they have tried to combat the trade of ammunition. None of these efforts have had much of an effect on the world and these black markets.

In 2008 the UN secretary-general said that the program had been a failure. In 2012 New Zealand officials said that the program was not accomplishing much. In 2014 supporters of the program stated that it was simply “firing blanks”, and most recently in 2018, the Red Cross said that the program was all talk.

Following these failures, the United Nations is ready to try something else. That something else is going to be attempting to ban toy firearms.

As reported in The Daily Signal: 

This year, the rumor is that the Programme’s president wants it to focus on banning toy guns. (No more water pistols for your kids, says the U.N.)

If the nations in the Programme genuinely wanted to help control the illicit trade in small arms, it could in theory be modestly useful.

For example, it could seek to eliminate the “Chinese exemption,” under which Beijing is exempt from the requirement to put serial numbers on its firearms, which makes Chinese guns difficult to trace.

But instead, the Programme focuses on irrelevant distractions—and on breaking its own promises.

Gun control has a long and storied history of failing, in fact, the only thing these policies succeeds in doing is aggravating lawful people.

Now the idea that toy firearms should be banned is nothing new, liberal lawmakers in the United States have tried this on multiple occasions, and more often than not the policy that comes out of these attempted banning is the regulation of toy firearms. Many states have regulations on toy firearms that mandate the color of the plastic or metal it is made out of or layout where they can be played with.

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