Nevada Pulls Funding From Firearm Manufacturers

Nevada just announced a major divestment from firearms manufacturers.

The divestment marks the end of an $89 million investment portfolio managed by the treasurer’s office. Zachary Conine, Nevada’s Treasurer announced that this is his response to the hellish attacks in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York.

“Today, I directed our team to divest the State of Nevada from any investment in a business that profits from the sale or manufacture of assault-style weapons. No one policy or law will fix this crisis, but we all must do something.”

Nevada Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action come out in support. Both organizations are long-time supporters of gun control. Liz Becker, a volunteer with Nevada’s Moms Demand Action had this to say.

“There’s no reason why our taxpayer dollars should end up in the pockets of assault weapon manufacturers, and we’re grateful that Nevada will no longer be investing in these companies that profit off of flooding our streets with deadly, high-powered rifles. As gun violence continues to devastate communities in Nevada and across the country, this is a bold step in promoting gun safety.”

The biggest problem with all of this is that none of it will not save any of these children. Not one. Buffalo Shooter Peyton Gendron’s manifesto told us why he chose New York. He knew that tighter gun laws would make his targets softer. If Democrats tighten them further, they only clear an even easier path for the next nauseating nightmare.

Let’s not forget that in Uvalde, Texas, when a psychopathic maniac killed 21 innocent fourth-graders, police showed up on the scene but only made the problem worse. Cowardly officers waited outside while the shooter had a field day. They even handcuffed and pepper-sprayed parents who tried to enter the school to get their children out or confront the menacing scoundrel.

Imagine how many children could have been saved if those teachers were armed.  That’s the direction we need to be moving. Not divesting from firearm manufacturers, but arming the good guys. If every good man and woman is armed, an evil man with a gun goes from terrifying, to terrified. And evil lives in fear, the good live in peace.

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One thought on “Nevada Pulls Funding From Firearm Manufacturers”

  1. Without even defining what an “assault weapon is?” Jus aboot lak a dam polit-i-can duz. Jus dumbb tew! Don’t even carry a pocket knife? Hel da crimin-al ain’t gonna give up his gat!