‘Warrior’ Students Protect Classrooms From Active Shooters?

Ohio lawmakers just passed a bill allowing teachers to carry firearms. But did you know that there’s a movement across the country empowering “warrior” students who would protect their classroom from an active shooter?

When I was in school, we conducted active shooter drills. All of the class would gather together in a corner somewhere where we would slink shoulder to shoulder, packed in like sardines. In a real shooter situation, we would be hiding there, shaking in our boots, and cowering in fear. Many schools scattered across the country have something different in mind.

Check out this Vice coverage of a Baptist school’s training plan to respond to an active shooter. Teachers are armed and students are trained to engage a shooter when he enters the room. High School kids are taught to disarm and confront wicked killers that are there for one purpose: to end them. Watch that video, imagine every school did the same, and tell me how many school shootings you would expect. I’ll venture a guess that number might be 0.

Programs like Safe Kids Inc.’s “HERO” curriculum teaches students and teachers alike how to fortify their classroom in case of the unthinkable. This program teaches students to spread out rather than cower together in fear. It teaches students to throw heavy books at the attacker and make his onslaught much more difficult. If that sounds dangerous, let me ask you which is more so: cowering until a psycho killer finds and kills you, or standing your ground and either dying with dignity or saving precious lives that would have otherwise been cut short?

Disarming the American populous would be unthinkable and impossible. Still, it remains the chief aim of Democrat lawmakers every time a headline containing the word “shooting” hits the American press. Worse still, the Biden Administration is unwilling to take even basic steps, like hardening schools, that would almost definitely have an impact.

The direction Ohio is moving in is the direction we need to go. Arm our teachers. Teach our students to stand their ground. At least prepare them with a game plan that doesn’t involve hiding in a corner and waiting to be shot. That’s not what self-respecting free people do. No. It’s time to teach our children that if they’re going to die, they should die on their feet, protecting the ones they love.

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