Biden Lost Temper When Zelenskyy Asks For Even More Money

Joe Biden reportedly snapped at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy when the Ukrainian leader wasn’t grateful enough for U.S. aid sent to help during its war with Russia. According to reports, Biden lost his temper with Zelenskyy when he asked for even more aid. The move came after Biden told the Ukrainian president about a new $1 billion going to the country in aid.

American Military News reports:

Biden raised his voice to say American taxpayers were already being generous, and his administration was working hard to help against the invasion, CNBC reported.

Since Russia’s invasion began in February, the U.S. has provided Ukraine with more than $17.9 billion in “security assistance,” or military funding, according to the Department of Defense. As recently as Oct. 28, a round of aid worth $275 million included rockets, artillery, satellite antennas and more.

Separately, $65 billion has left the U.S. for Ukraine in humanitarian aid packages that also included military funding, according to NBC News.

But public support for those levels of aid may be drying up. A Pew Research Center survey in September found that Americans are less concerned about Ukrainian defeat than they were in May.

Recent surveys are saying that many Americas, including a growing share of Republicans, think the U.S. is providing too much aid to the country.

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