Veteran Admits to Defrauding the VA and Threatening the Investigator

Over the span of four years, a Marine veteran collected $118,979.16 in disability benefits from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. He claimed that he suffered from PTSD after being stationed in the Philippines and Thailand.

The Claim
Kamil Wakulik served in the Marine Corps from 2003-2007. He told the VA that he had helped to recover dead bodies after natural disasters in the Philippines and Thailand, thereby causing PTSD. Only there was one problem. He never actually collected any of the bodies in the Philippines and Thailand. He admitted to this on Tuesday at a District Court in New Jersey. From July 2018-September 2022. Wakulik received $118,979.16 in disability payments from the PTSD that he said he suffered from due to collecting dead bodies that he never collected.

The Case
According to Military Times:
“In August 2022, the Marine veteran sent a text message threatening a VA inspector general agent — and any other agent investigating him — with physical violence, according to the information. The information doesn’t provide details on the threat. For the theft of government funds change, Wakulik faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to twice the proceeds of the fraud. He faces up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 for the threat charge. The information said Wakulik must also forfeit the proceeds he received from the fraud. Wakulik’s sentencing is set for June 6, according to the Justice Department release.”

The Release

The District Court of New Jersey has released information pertaining to this case.

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