California Police Shoot Dead Double Amputee, Say He Was Attempting To Flee

Three police officers from the Huntington Park Police Department in California shot and killed a double amputee on Thursday as he attempted to move away from them. The incident of the shooting of 36-year-old father-of-two Anthony Lowe Jr. was caught on video. The footage shows 8 shots being fired at Lowe, who had lost both of his legs in a separate confrontation with police in Texas and can be seen holding a knife. Lowe had just stabbed someone unprovoked, according to the police department and was trying to run away from officers.

The LA County Sheriff’s Office released a statement reading, “The suspect was tased at least twice by Huntington Park Officers but the deployment of the taser was ineffective. The suspect attempted to throw the butcher knife at the officers again, at which time an officer involved shooting occurred.” Watch the altercation below (WARNING Graphic).

Lowe died at the scene and his family is now demanding answers from the police department. Lt. Hugo Reynaga of the LA County Sheriff’s Office announced that all of the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on leave but action has been taken against them. The sheriff’s office is investigating though, and mother, Dorothy Lowe, said at a press conference on Sunday, ‘They murdered my son, in a wheelchair with no legs. They do need to do something about it.”

Lowe had been living at his mother’s house and told her that he was going to McDonalds on the day of his death. It is unclear who he is alleged to have stabbed or what condition that person is currently in.

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2 thoughts on “California Police Shoot Dead Double Amputee, Say He Was Attempting To Flee”

  1. Trying to escape? No legs and they shoot him for trying to escape? Common sense says he was going nowhere. These psychopath cops need their guns taken away and prosecuted.

    1. Not psychopaths, poorly trained and lack of objectivity, which is what you get from a lot of today’s graduates of our poorly run education system! Also policing does not pay really well in many jurisdictions and it appears that many departments do not do an effective background investigation into their applicants, some probably do not require psych exams, all due to needing to get officers out on the street! Add all of this into a number of citizens who respond very poorly to police! Not excusing their actions, was not there, but it appears something else could have been done, fear for your life when dealing with suspects can make for different decision outcomes! You constantly hear about bad guns, but not about the people using them, makes for a better propaganda approach!