Marine Veteran Who Served Three Tours In Iraq Killed While Driving Uber

A Marine veteran and a father of two, Aaron Orozco, was killed in a fatal shooting while driving for Uber in California. The incident occurred when Orozco picked up two passengers early in the morning and stopped at a Lynwood 7-Eleven for an unknown reason. It was there that Orozco got into a physical altercation with the two passengers, during which Orozco was shot by one of the suspects who then drove away in the car.

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The Shooting

Police reported that one of the suspects shot Orozco in the upper torso. The suspects then fled the scene in Orozco’s vehicle, which was later found a short distance away by local authorities. Unfortunately, Orozco was pronounced dead at the scene. The tragic event has left behind his wife, Sandra Medina, a 9-year-old son, and a 3-year-old daughter.

Orozco was a Marine veteran who had completed three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and had been based out of Camp Pendleton. According to Medina, Orozco had started working for Uber at night to care for their children while she worked as a nurse.

“It just seems like I’m in a nightmare. It doesn’t seem real to me,” says Sandra Medina, Orozco’s wife. “I haven’t even told my kids yet, they still think dad is going to come through the door.”

“We were married for 10 years, but we’ve been together since high school, high school sweethearts,” she added.

The circumstances leading up to Orozco’s death are still under investigation. The motive behind the physical altercation that occurred between Orozco and his passengers is unclear, and police have not released any information regarding the suspects. It is a tragic reminder of the risks that come with working in the gig economy, and the need for improved safety measures for drivers.

Uber has faced criticism in the past for their lack of safety measures, which has resulted in the deaths of several drivers. The company has since implemented various safety features, including a 911 assistance button, driver screening processes, and in-app safety features, to ensure the safety of their drivers.

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